Our Spa Start Up Kit is our most popular choice for new customers.
It’s compatible with all recognised spa equipment, and contains everything you need to get started on your new Crystal Waters Chlorine Free system at a bargain price!
We expect this size kit will last approximately 2 months in a 1000L spa, before individual chemicals begin to run out. (This will vary customer to customer.)
To learn more about the contents of our Start Up Kit, please return to our Spa Products page and click the individual products.

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  • 500ml Spa Sanitiser
  • 500ml Spa Clarifier
  • 500g Spa Boost
  • 500g Spa Chlorine Remover
  • 500g Alkalinity Enhancer
  • 500g pH Reducer
  • 500g Calcium Enhancer
  • 500ml Instant Filter Klenz
  • 500ml Pipe Klenz
  • Test Strips
  • Spa Pad
  • Small Measuring Cup
  • User Guide

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