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Romance Poly Dome Gazebo 4m x 6m x 2.3m high

Romance Poly Dome Gazebo
4m x 6m x 2.3m high
The Romance Poly Dome provides all year round functionality! Its the perfect solution for a private getaway in your own back yard, it means you can use your spa all year round, or simply consider the Romance Poly Dome as an extention of your house, a great area to sit and relax and take the outside inside.
The structual compenents used in construction of the Romance Poly Dome ensure assembly is simple and quick, with little on going maintenance. The clever design of the Poly Dome means it can be dissassembled and reassembled with ease- no problem if your renting.
The clever design of the structure enables one person to open and close the Poly Dome, with a glide fre tracking system, rubber seals to keep out rain, dust and debris.
The Romance Poly Dome is made of aluminium profiles which is powder coated. The poly carbonante walls provide strength, weather resistance, and high clarity whilst also aiding in the regularity of temperature.
Aluminium Frame: Aluminium profiles with powder coat finish
Polycarbonate: 3mm solid wall polycarbonate construction. Twin- wall transparent NO DROP, thickness 6mm, UV protection on one side
Light Transmission: Fine light transmission (to 88%). No yellow, atomization and poor light transmission will occur on boards exposed under sunshine
UA-Protection: The ultraviolet coextruded film prevents the resin fatigue or yellowing caused by the ultraviolet and transfers it into the visible light. It has the fine stabalizing effect for the plant photosynthesis
Weather Ability: No deformation within the temperature of -40 degrees celcius – +60 degrees celcius
Fire Retardency: Fire retardent grade B1 as decided by the national GB8624–97 test, without fire duop nor poisonous gas
Impact Resistant: The impact strength of the polycarbonate sheet is 250-300 times ordinary glass
Sound Insulation: The qualities of the polycarbonate sheets have a high level of sound insualtion
Portability: The Poly Dome can be easily dismantled and relocated to a new site-within hours. No problem is your a renter!
Thermal Insulation: Polycarbonate provides perfect temperature regularity. The hollow polycarbonate reduces energy consumption and therefore energy costs
Resiting Wind: Resistance wind up to 20m/s
The enclosure comes with all parts and materials needsed for installation. The Poly Dome consists of tracks, polycarbonate panels with aluminium extruded arches, door, and all necessary hardware for a quick and effortless installation.
On average the dome enclosure requires two people for installation, taking between 2-4 hours to install.
A flat, level surface is required. Any of the following is acceptable:
– Minium 100mm thick foundation or reinforced concrete
– Pavers set in concrete
– Wood/composite decking
Additional Details:
Poly Dome has a grey tint with black powder coated aluminium
Locking hardware is NOT included

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